G. Michael Nelson, Esquire

Corporate and Business Law

Personal Injury

For businesses, Attorney G. Michael Nelson, can provide knowledgeable guidance in the area of formation of business entities, as well as assistance in the areas of asset and stock purchases and sales and the dissolution of business interest. He has also practices in the area of business litigation and creditor/debtor rights for over 25 years.




Richard W. Bisconti, Esquire 


Criminal Defense

Personal Injury

Attorney Richard W. Bisconti has practiced in the Tampa Bay Area his entire legal career. He worked locally as a Hillsborough County Assistant State Attorney prosecuting those accused of all types of criminal offenses. Mr. Bisconti left the State Attorney’s Office and immediately started representing those accused to criminal charges ranging from DUI, simple possession of drugs, Drug Trafficking, and First Degree Murder. He also began his representation of those suffering personal injuries from car, truck, and motor vehicle accidents as well as negligent security claims against major companies throughout Florida. He truly enjoys helping those accused of criminal charges and also those innocent parties who suffer personal injuries through no fault of their own.




Darren D. McClain, Esquire


Employment Law 

From an employment law viewpoint, Attorney Darren D. McClain has helped hundreds of individuals whose civil rights have been violated, as well as those who have been hurt on the job or have been incessantly harassed while trying to perform their normal job duties. Those who have faced discrimination in the work place have come to us for supposed and guidance regarding the most efficient way to seek justice for the wrongs that have occurred.